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Traditions Line of Foam Mattresses in Holland, MI

At Buis Mattress, we believe in offering quality mattresses at fair prices. All of the mattresses in our inventory are made of the finest materials and manufactured on site. One of our most popular mattress lines is the Traditions line.

Custom Foam Mattresses

The Traditions line uses our oldest, most time-tested innerspring unit, which is handmade locally in Holland, Michigan by Holland Wire Products. Custom-built with the highest quality foams, the Traditions line provides lasting support and comfort that is second to none.

Each model consists of eight different types of coils within one innovative innerspring system. This unique design provides unprecedented support and cushion to the hip, neck, and shoulder areas. If you are looking for a premium quality mattress that melts stress and provides an incredible night’s sleep, then the Traditions line is for you.

Mattress Features

The Traditions line offers sleepers a number of innovative features, including:

  • 360, 400, and 8-turn handcrafted innerspring incorporating 8 different types of coils within the innerspring system. Coils are designed for specific and different needs of the body.
  • Dual gauge innerspring—12.5 gauge heavier wire in the hip and torso area to increase support and durability. 13 gauge wire used in the head and foot area to provide a softer, supple feel for shoulders.
  • Alternating left-turn, right-turn coiling system for a more balanced sleep surface.
  • Progressive resistance coils provides a more conforming innerspring.
  • Posturized innerspring unit.
  • Heavy-duty wood and steel working box spring eases innerspring stress for longer service life, gives a richer feel to the mattress.
  • Non-pillow top models are two-sided, providing much longer service life when flipped regularly.
  • Available in nine models, from firm to plush.

To speak to a member of our team about the Traditions line, contact us today.

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