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Kids' Mattresses in Holland, MI

Purchasing a children’s mattress may seem like an afterthought. In reality, this might be one of the more important family purchases you can make.

Quality and Affordability

At Buis Mattress, we offer high-quality mattress options that are beneficial to your young ones—as well as your pockets. Because of our superior in-house manufacturing process, we are able to offer mattress preferences that include plush or firm options, heavy-duty box springs, mattresses that can be flipped to maximize life, and a host of other useful options.

The quality of our products, due in part to our unique assembly process and superior materials, leads to the extended durability of our creations. This durability helps to ensure that you won’t have to go out looking for another children’s mattress for years down the road.

Mattresses and Your Child’s Health

Not only are our products cost-effective and durable, but our mattresses also help the overall physical and mental health of your children. Inadequate mattresses can cause serious neck, back, and joint pain, along with interrupted sleep. Improper sleeping patterns due to discomfort can affect posture and bone structure, which are especially important elements during children’s growing and development stages.

Of course, consistent sleep deprivation can also lead to some serious health risks later on in life. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that this issue can lead to a greater risk of cardiovascular complications. 

Buis Mattress is the perfect choice for all of your children’s mattress needs. Ensure the overall well-being of your children by taking advantage of our unique in-house creation method and superior kids’ mattress products