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National Line of Mattresses in Grand Rapids, MI

If you sleep for the recommended eight hours a day, you spend one-third of the day on your bed. We think you should spend this time as comfortable as possible. The National line of mattresses offers excellent durability, comfort, and quality to provide you with the sleep you need. Stop by or contact us to learn about the 660-spring unit, a machine-made spring system that contributes a firm, balanced resting surface and a longer service life.

Visit Our Showroom

Before you settle on an impulse decision, consider visiting our store beforehand to browse through our options. Our expert staff will guide you in choosing the proper mattress and bedding accessories while explaining the unique aspects of each item. The National line is available in five models, from firm to plush, so come in today and choose the one that suits your preferences.

Why a National Line Mattress?

These mattresses offer several innovative features specifically crafted for the perfect night's sleep. With the materials and placement, our coil system furnishes you with a well-balanced sleep surface. First, the coils are firmly made, with a 5-turn gauge wire. This allows an alternating left-turn right-turn system, which gives a firm and supportive feel. Second, the bedding places more coils in the torso region, enhancing the lumbar (lower back) support and reinforcing an area normally worn down quickly. The unique wooden frame is equipped with a box spring that reduces motion transfer. 

Specific features include:

  • 14.5-gauge wire with 5-turn coils — for a firm, supportive feel and long service life
  • Alternating left-turn, right-turn coiling system — for a more balanced sleep surface
  • More coils in the torso region — enhances lumbar support and service life
  • Heavy-duty wood frame with a non-deflective box spring to reduce motion transfer
  • Non-pillowtop models are two-sided — provides much longer service life when flipped regularly
  • Available in 5 models, firm to plush 

Our professional staff will provide you the service and products you need. With cutting-edge features, the National line of mattresses is designed and suited for you to get a restful night of sleep.

Buis Mattress
Buis Mattress