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Mattress Topper Provider in Holland, MI

At Buis Mattress, we have a common-sense approach to making mattress toppers. We understand that sometimes people want a soft, plush top that cradles the body, creating an ideal sleep surface for the individual. 

How Mattress Toppers Enhance Your Sleeping Experience

A topper can soften a too-firm mattress and relieve pressure points to help ease aches and pains. You may also find yourself falling asleep faster or tossing and turning less frequently. When you sleep improves, you might even feel more energized during the day!

In general, pillow tops come with two distinct disadvantages due to how they’re made. Unlike our two-sided mattresses, pillow top mattresses are only one-sided, reducing the longevity of the innerspring. In addition, the softer comfort foams break down prematurely, creating body impressions that no longer support the body properly, resulting in frequent replacement of the sleep set.

We feel that we have come up with a better solution.

Pillow Top Features that Comfort and Support Your Body

A pillow top mattress topper is ideal for all ages, from children to seniors. Individuals of every sleep style can take their pick.

Some of the features in our pillow tops include:

  • Customized Feel: Maybe you'd prefer a slightly soft feel to your mattress topper, or perhaps you'd want a plush pillow top, inviting you to sink all the way into the material. Either way, you have options.
  • Half-And-Half (Two-Sided): Some days you might need more support than others. For times when you need to switch things up, this option offers one side soft and the other firm.
  • Completely Removable: This option is easy to remove to clean whenever the need arises.
  • Replaceable: Forgo the cost of replacing your tired, old mattress. Mattress toppers offer the comfort and luxury of a pillow top mattress at a fraction of the cost of a new bed.

When you purchase one of our mattresses manufactured in-house, you can maximize the sleep benefits by adding a luxurious pillow top. Choose from a supportive and body contouring memory foam mattress topper or the firmer feeling of health-restoring latex.