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Custom-Made Mattresses in Holland, MI

Most American mattresses come in a few standard sizes, which is great for conventional bed frames and spaces. However, many people may have unique frames that require specific-sized mattresses.

Here at Buis, custom mattresses are our specialty.

Custom Size and Material

Every one of our mattresses is custom-made on site by our experienced personnel. Whether you're sleeping on a boat, an antique bed, or an unconventionally-sized imported bed frame, we can create a mattress that fits. Just bring us the dimensions. In an effort to provide our customers with a personalized mattress, our expert staff works and manufactures our mattresses one by one

Choice of Mattress Accessories

One of the greatest advantages of creating your bedding here is your personal choice of materials and accessories. For the perfect bed, you want a perfect pillow to complement it. We have several selections of latex pillows, standard or contour that will last. Additional choices, such as dust mite resistance, temperature controlled material, firmness, and height measurements are all available to you. We also offer mattress toppers with three levels of varying softness. Stop by and browse our many options!

For your uniquely sized bed frame, Buis has the professional craftspeople and equipment to design and create your custom mattresses. To find the perfect bed and accessories to suit your personal taste, stop by our shop or contact us today!

Custom Boat and Yacht Mattresses

When the sun sets after a long day of sailing, there’s no better way to cap it off than with a great night’s sleep. Buis offers custom boat mattresses in almost any size to give you the ultimate choices for sleeping on the high seas. When you choose a custom mattress from Buis for your boat, you’re in control!

Each of our custom mattresses can be shaped and constructed to your specifications as well to ensure you get the level of support you want – guaranteed. We put an extraordinary amount of care and quality into every mattress we sell. You can also choose your own unique boat mattress topper, shape, materials, and so much more.