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Mattress Store in Holland, MI

At Buis Mattress, we know your mattress is one of the most essential items in your home. In fact, it's even more important than you think. A great mattress not only provides daily comfort, but it is also the focal point to your bedroom.

Over the years, we have striven to produce high-quality and relaxing mattresses that our customers enjoy. Our manufacturing and sales operations are all in one facility, which allows us to streamline our products while ensuring consistent performance and customer satisfaction.

Quality Local Mattresses

We take pride in utilizing in-house manufacturing to ensure that our products are the preferred choice for many customers throughout the Grand Rapids and Grand Haven area. Buis Mattress sources materials, such as wool, cotton, latex, Inneract spring, polyurethane foam, and wood, to make high-quality products that offer the maximum comfort for an exceptional value.

As a small mattress company, quality control is easily attainable, so we can provide our local customers with a long-lasting solution for a great mattress. We ensure optimum comfort with every sleep and rest.

Progressive and Traditional Manufacturing Methods

Our products stand out because we consistently employ proper manufacturing methods. In our onsite facility in Holland, our design experts manufacture each mattress one at a time. This creates a product that families can rely on for many years to come. We use a locking stitch instead of a chain stitch to ensure every stitch is firm. Our dedication and expertise set us apart in manufacturing reliable mattresses.

For customers looking for quality and durable mattresses, Buis Mattress offers mattresses that make your sleep relaxing and comfortable. Our products include custom and latex mattresses, a national line, mattress toppers, and the traditions line. Additionally, we have partnered with several furniture brands to offer you all the products that matter.