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Handcrafted Mattresses in Holland, MI

At Buis Mattress, we believe that the best way to provide quality mattresses to our customers is to build them ourselves. That is why all of our products are manufactured on-site here in Holland.

Finding the Right Mattress

Finding a quality mattress provider is key to getting the best night of sleep, and a good night's rest is key to your overall health and wellness. Buis Mattress is a committed manufacturer and distributor of affordable, handcrafted mattresses.

Looking for your master bedroom, your children's room, guest room, or all of the above? We have quality mattress options to fit your needs. We sell a variety of bed types and accessories needed to create the optimal sleeping environment.

Custom Mattresses

If you have special requirements for your mattress, we can custom design your bed with the materials of your choosing. All of our mattresses are handmade on site with specific linings and materials. So no matter how big your bed is, or if you want an unusual shape or thickness, Buis Mattress can handle your order.

Why Choose Buis

At Buis Mattress, our friendly sales staff will take the time to learn more about you and what you need to enhance your quality of sleep. As your preferred mattress provider, we’ll help you achieve the quality sleep you need. Visit the Buis Mattress showroom today, and see the difference a handcrafted mattress can make.



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