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Buis Has the Best Mattresses in Michigan!

Since 1913, Buis Mattress, of Holland, MI, has been helping our customers sleep a little easier every night.

Nothing beats the feel and comfort of a premium, hand-made mattress manufactured using only high-quality materials and techniques – from the springs to the stitching and every step in between.

Unlike National brands, we literally know our products inside and out. At Buis Mattress, we build all of our mattresses with our team of skilled craftsmen at our on-site Holland, Michigan manufacturing and showroom facility.

Our goal is to educate the customer, not just make a sale. We will happily take the time to discuss every detail, from the type of wires used in the box spring, to the different levels of plushness for our pillow-tops.

Don’t let your current mattress keep you awake anymore. Stop in to our mattress store today, or call us, to learn more about how Buis Mattress can help you remember the pleasure of a good night’s sleep!